What to Look for In A Boiler Repair Company


The reason why boiler repairs aren’t meant as a do-it-yourself job is because heating systems, in general, are complex and delicate to handle. Even the pros acknowledge that the slightest mistake could turn out to be quite costly. There are times when you try to handle it yourself and end up doing more harm than good.

Be reminded that tinkering with the system without proper training and expertise could void the manufacturer’s warranty of your boiler. You could also put your property at risk of damage or fire. The bottom line is that taking the risk isn’t worth it, especially when you realize that you will end up spending more money in the long run.

Therefore, you will need to hire a reputable boiler repair company. However, not all of them deliver the same quality of work. Of course, with equipment as important as your boiler, you want a boiler repair company that you can trust.

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The Value Of Working with A Reliable Boiler Repair Company

The reputation of a boiler repair company says a lot about the possible outcome of your investment in them. Before you look at other factors, be sure you focus on reading customer reviews and feedback about the company. Nothing beats the information you get out of the experiences of other people. A first-hand account of their level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) is an accurate gauge of the kind of service you’re likely to get. Put in the time to read online reviews and weigh on the positives and negatives.

Local Or National Boiler Repair Companies?

You’re better off hiring a local boiler repair company. Even if companies with a national presence employ highly trained and skilled technicians, the truth is that you won’t get a quick response or immediate service from them. Everything must go through corporate red tape. At times, you’re forced to wait for several days or even weeks just to have them inspect your boiler.

Opting to work with a local HVAC repair and maintenance company comes with several benefits. For example, the proximity of your house to their office means that response times are faster compared to a large company or corporation headquartered in another city. You also expect personalized service and extensive knowledge of the locality. Small, locally based HVAC companies tend to focus more on customer service instead of reaching out to a wider customer base. The result is topnotch service quality.

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Boiler Repair Company History

You also must find time to learn about the service history of the boiler repair company. In other words, figure out how long they’ve been in the business and the people behind the success of the company. Years of experience in the industry is a sign that they’re doing things right, which is why they have loyal customers.

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Boiler Manufacturer Relationships

Boiler repair companies have partnerships with boiler manufacturers. This way, the technicians gain specialized expertise and skills in maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair of their particular boilers.

Look for a boiler repair company that maintains a partnership with the brand of your boiler. Doing so gives you the convenience of buying replacement parts at reasonable prices. It also means you get access to readily available parts in times when you need them for your boiler.

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Customer Service

Every prospective client deserves to ask questions, and you’re no exception to that. A good boiler repair company should be willing enough to entertain your queries and give you an answer you’re hoping for. When a previous job has issues, then the company should be responsible enough to send its technician back immediately.

Figure out if the company you plan to work with has a business website with a handful of contact options. The website must also show the rates for their services.

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You don’t want to use a malfunctioning heating system because it poses a great risk to you and your property. The moment you notice something is wrong with your boiler, you should call your preferred boiler repair company. Choose a company that shows you proof that they’re legitimate. Since safety is of foremost concern, you do not want someone with no experience, license, and insurance to work on your heating equipment. You only should hire a business that is fully insured and employs a team of qualified licensed technicians.

In-Home Estimate Vs. Over the Phone Estimate

Choose a company that can provide you with free quotes. However, skip those who insist on giving you a quotation over the phone instead of an in-house estimate. The only way for a technician to come up with an accurate estimate for a boiler repair job is to visit your home and check the equipment. If one of your prospects cannot provide an in-home estimate, then remove that company from your list.

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Boiler Repair Cost & Second Opinions

Be sure to obtain the estimates of at least three HVAC companies before you choose. A second opinion matters even if you’ve decided on hiring one company. The reason is that you will never know if the charges are within reason. If you seek the opinion of another company, you may be surprised by a different and more practical fix to your boiler problem.


Final Words

It’s no secret how complicated a boiler repair job is. It is why professional companies exist after all. So, when you notice that there is something wrong with your boiler, the most sensible response is to call a reputable and highly experienced heating repair contractor. The ideal boiler repair company must show topnotch customer service and healthy manufacturer partnerships.

When it comes to safety, hiring a company with liability insurance, verified license, and an excellent safety record. Be sure to get multiple quotes and do a comparison shopping to get the best possible service.

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