What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

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Every type of machine requires maintenance to continue performing at a high level. The furnace is no exception. Experts recommend an annual furnace maintenance visit from HVAC technicians to ensure reliable operation. Most homeowners are aware of this need but many fail to do so year after year. Some people forget to set it up. Others skip it on purpose to save money. After all, they might not see anything wrong with the system, so they are content to leave it alone for now. What they don’t realize is that this neglectful behavior is likely to result in several issues further down the road.

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What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

In this article, we discuss the consequences that arise from skipping your annual furnace tune-up.

Failure To Address Furnace Problems Early On

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A casual observer might not see anything wrong with the furnace but a trained eye can spot issues that are starting to develop. Professionals can see the signs that others miss because they have encountered them numerous times in the past. Early diagnosis leads to early treatment. Technicians can take the necessary steps to prevent problems from getting worse. At this stage, fixes tend to be quick, cheap, and easy. For example, they might clean the furnace interiors, fix frayed wires, replace the filters, and the like. Regular heater maintenance helps homeowners avoid major furnace breakdowns and expensive HVAC repairs.

Furnace Breakdowns

Heating system parts that are failing due to wear and tear can cause the whole furnace to break down. The system will not be able to run efficiently or provide enough heating to keep the family comfortable. If the damaged components are not replaced or repaired right away, then the problem might cascade with other components getting affected. This will drastically reduce the system’s lifespan. Furnaces are known to last for a long time with 10 to 15 years being quite common. However, neglecting furnace maintenance can shorten this drastically and force premature furnace replacement.

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High Home Heating Costs

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Without annual HVAC maintenance, it will be harder and harder for the system to provide the level of heating required by the household. The furnace will have to work harder to reach the desired temperatures. This means that it will use up more energy. Consequently, the increased consumption will push the monthly utility bills up. People who avoid furnace maintenance to save money actually end up spending more in the long run because of higher home heating costs. The increase is often gradual but it can also be sudden and massive. Invest in furnace maintenance service to steer clear of this headache.

Fire Risks Due To Malfunctioning Heating Systems

Furnaces can be fire hazards if not maintained regularly. While it is rare for these to actually spark fires, the possibility exists and must be taken seriously. Frayed wires are usually to blame in these instances. HVAC technicians can inspect all of the wirings across the system to make sure that they are in good condition. They can take corrective action immediately if they spot a potentially dangerous situation. With their help, you can have more confidence in your heating system. You can use it without any fear. Your family will be safer, thanks to professional maintenance work.

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Reduced Indoor Air Quality

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The air going inside the system carries countless impurities. These include dirt, dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, mold spores, and so on. Air filters can catch these particulates to improve indoor air quality but it can get clogged over time. When this happens, it will not be as effective in purifying the air. The particles will get circulated around the house and cause respiratory distress or allergy among the vulnerable. They can also get into the components and reduce their operational efficiencies. Due to the health effects, this is one part of the furnace maintenance checklist that should not be neglected.

Lower Levels Of Comfort

A newly installed heating system will provide uniform heating across the house for optimum comfort. Occupants will not have to worry wherever they are because they will be protected from the winter chill. As time passes by, you might begin to notice certain rooms being warmer than others. This results in lower levels of comfort. While it might be due to heating system aging, the more likely culprits are blocked vents across the system. Regular maintenance will prevent this because the technicians will thoroughly clean the vent system. They will also fix leaks and ensure good airflow throughout the house.

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Void A Furnace Warranty

hvac warrantyWarranties can help owners deal with repairs without spending out-of-pocket. These agreements avoid financial shock due to unexpected breakdowns. However, they will only be enforceable if the owners uphold their part of the contract. The manufacturer warranties usually specify the need for regular maintenance by professionals. The company can void the warranty if this isn’t followed. Therefore, it would be wise to schedule an annual checkup for your furnace and save all of the records for future reference. In case the manufacturer asks for proof of maintenance, you will have everything they need at your fingertips.

When To Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up

Have you arranged furnace maintenance yet? Fall is the best time to do it as the weather is still mild, and the queues are short. Don’t wait until winter. Call your HVAC contractor today and schedule their annual visit.


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