South Jersey Air Purifier Installation

The air we breathe in our South Jersey homes should be clean and pure, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Indoor air has been shown to carry all of the pollution, allergens, and pathogens of outside air, if not more! That means that air quality solutions are a must in order to protect your comfort and health, and that’s why McAllister offers the best in the business!

Our certified air quality team is glad to offer our clients in Pennsauken and Somers Point the absolute best in air purification and filtration. We take your health and comfort seriously, and provide you with services from skilled, expertly trained professionals to meet your IAQ needs.

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What Is an Air Purifier?

When you’re talking about removing allergens, pathogens, and mold from home air there are two major types of solutions: air purifiers and air filters. The two system types address issues in different ways, the purifier preferring to eliminate outright and the filter to catch—each system is great at what they do, but both can be somewhat limited and often homes can benefit from being equipped with both.

Air Purification & Filtration Services in Pennsauken, NJ

At McAllister, we take the stance of why not both? You can have both purification and filtration in a single system. And that’s why we choose to install the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier™! The infinity purifier melds the two most vital air quality solutions into one, offering a sophisticated system that first traps air pollutants and then eradicates organic pathogens and mold utilizing an electronic charge.

Our team is confident that with the Infinity Air Purifier you’ll find all you need in an air quality solution. We offer installation services that meld your new purification system with your existing HVAC, allowing the system to treat all of your home air as it cycles. That means you get the clean, healthy air you deserve!

The Benefits of Air Purification

Saying “clean air” is good and all, but what does that actually mean for you? Well, the benefits are many, and they speak for themselves:

  • Reduced allergy symptoms. South Jersey allergies run the gamut from dust to pollen to mold and worse. But an air filtration system protects you against all of these, helping you reduce your systems and feel healthier in your day to day.
  • A cleaner home. Fighting the constant tide of dust and dander in your home can be exhausting and often yields mixed results. That’s where air filtration can save you on stress and time, giving you a cleaner, dustless home!  
  • Odor removal and prevention. Mold and bacteria are responsible for the vast majority of off smells you experience on a routine basis. Air purification removes and kills many of these, helping you get fresher and healthier air as well
  • Additional HVAC protection. By mitigating dust and dander, you keep them out of your HVAC system and air filter, helping smooth air flow and protect your system against constricted air movement.

Air Purifier Installation in Pennsauken & Somers Point, NJ

Your health and comfort is a top priority for the team at McAllister Energy. That’s why we offer superior air purifier installation services throughout South Jersey. McAllister is proud to installed Carrier Infinity Air Purifier, the most effective whole-house air filtration system available. With Carrier Infinity Air Purifier from McAllister as part of your total comfort system, you and your family can breathe easier than ever before.

If you’re interested in installing an air purifier in your South Jersey home, including Pennsauken and Somers Point, contact us today!