Busting Myths About Central Air Conditioning

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Summer is heating up homes across the country. Homes with older air conditioners, window air conditioning units, or no AC at all tend to experience discomfort that is unbearable. Those who are dealing with an older machine that is constantly breaking down or failing to provide enough cooling may need a replacement. Window air conditioners do not perform well and are costly to run.

Homes without a proper cooling system can consider installing a central air conditioner since they provide comfort in an energy-efficient manner. However, persistent myths tend to dissuade homeowners from switching to this type of system.

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Busting Myths About Central Air Conditioning

In this article, we discuss whether there is any truth to these myths and share the air conditioning facts that come with it.

Myth #1: You Need Substantial Home Renovation To Install Central Air Conditioning

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One of the biggest reasons why people avoid central air is the notion that this would entail a major renovation. Air conditioning equipment is expensive so adding more costs to that can be too much for a lot of folks who simply want a better system. The prevailing thought is that you would need to install large air ducts from the main unit to the rest of the rooms. Aide from the additional expense, this could compromise the structural integrity of older buildings. The good news is that this no longer holds true. It is possible to use thinner ducts that do not require significant remodeling.

Myth #2: You Will Pay Higher Energy Bills With Central Air Conditioning

Aside from the initial air conditioner installation cost, people are also wary about the ongoing energy bills should they push forward with the central air conditioning system. There is a myth that this is somehow more costly compared to other AC types. However, the reality is that different configurations consume similar amounts of energy for a given area. The only thing that could make central air more costly to run is if the ducts develop leaks. Then the whole system will have to work harder to keep the space as cool as it needs to be. Modern duct design includes dual insulation for reduced leakage, higher energy efficiency, and lower monthly costs.

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Myth #3: You Will Suffer From Excessive Noise From The Central Air Conditioner

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No one wants to be stuck with a noisy cooling unit that keeps them up at night. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this problem with central air. Older units may have suffered from this issue but new models are much quieter than their predecessors. Better design and materials have led to a drastic reduction in the sound coming from within the unit. The noise dampening means that you can take a nap at any time without being interrupted by a noisy AC.

Myth #4: All Cooling Systems Provide Equal Performance

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There is absolutely no truth to the idea that all air conditioners are the same. You cannot pick blindly and expect the same level of performance from them. Some will be better than others in terms of energy efficiency. You will need to find units with high-efficiency ratings in order to enjoy lower bills. You should also be mindful of their ability to manage indoor humidity. This is the second most important function of air conditioning systems. Less humidity results in a colder feeling inside the room because evaporative cooling can take place more readily.

Myth #5: Central Air Conditioners Are Unsightly

Carefully cultivated interior aesthetics take a lot of money and effort. No one wants to ruin all that just to install central air. Of course, you will not have to with modern equipment and clever placement. The vents can be hidden so that they can deliver cool air without attracting attention. If you can find experienced installers, then outlet positioning should not be an issue. It will be as if no changes were ever made and the décor can remain as is.

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Myth #6: Central HVAC Systems Can Only Heat or Cool But Not Both

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The earliest central air units could only do one thing well. They either cooled the home or heated it up. However, they could not do both. This made it necessary for homes to get two separate units which is a costly investment. Nowadays, it is possible to get both heating and cooling from the same system. Just flick a switch and you can get the reverse effect. One unit can be relied upon throughout the year, adapting to the changing weather. Dual-purpose central air systems are easy to use and cheaper to install. They can even run at high efficiency so they provide saving across their service life.

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