What To Look For In An Air Conditioner Replacement Company

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If your air conditioner is due for replacement, then make sure that the next one will be worth the investment. These don’t come cheap after all. However, do not just focus on getting the best cooling equipment. Choose the best air conditioner replacement company as well. Even the most energy-efficient units can perform badly if installed the wrong way. Meanwhile, a correctly installed air conditioning system will last for over a decade without giving you much trouble. This article will help you get started on the search for the ideal HVAC installation company.

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Tips for Finding A Good Air Conditioner Replacement Company

Follow the steps below to find an AC replacement company that will install your unit as needed. This way, your unit will be able to provide you with a long lifespan, energy-efficient operation, proper airflow, healthy indoor air quality, a comfortable home, and more.

1. Professional HVAC License

Most people won’t mind paying good money as long as they can be assured of excellent service. One of the best indicators of expertise is a professional HVAC license. Heating and air conditioning contractors need to undergo rigorous screening before they can get a license to operate from the state. Ask potential HVAC contractors to show you their license or give you their license number for confirmation. You should also ask if they are insured. This will serve as your protection in case anything goes wrong.

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2. NATE Certification

Check if their technicians and installers are NATE certified. The North American Technician Excellence certification is the only recognized program of its kind in the industry. It tests the applicant’s mastery of core topics such as safety procedures and electrical circuits. Certified technicians will need to complete additional training every two years to maintain their status. This assures customers that their knowledge is up-to-date. The fast pace of technology makes this a necessity.


3. HVAC Contractor Reviews

See if there are any online reviews about HVAC contractor services in your area. This could be in their own social media pages but it would be better to look for feedback on neutral sites. Be wary about overly positive or negative reviews that provide no details about their ratings. You can also ask your friends, coworkers, and neighbors for personal reviews about the HVAC contractors that installed their air conditioners.

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4. References

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Call your most promising candidates and ask them for references. They should have a list of clients that would be more than happy to talk about their services. Talk to these people to get a sense of how the contractors operate and what you can expect when you hire them. It’s better to know these things right away than get surprised later on.

5. In-Home Visits

Phone conversations are often inadequate to convey all of the information they need to understand your situation. That’s why serious HVAC contractors will suggest a free home visit so they can check the air conditioner for themselves and answer your questions with greater certainty. This will also put them in a better position to provide an estimate for the work that they are trying to secure.

6. Written Air Conditioner Installation Estimates

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When the AC contractor gives you an estimate, it should be written on a piece of paper with complete information. This will allow you to study it in detail so that you can understand how they came up with the value. It will make it easier to compare estimates between multiple cooling contractors before you make a decision. It will also protect you from sudden changes in price since you have everything in writing.

7. Scientific Load Calculation

The replacement air conditioner shouldn’t automatically follow the sizing of the old one. There is a chance that the current AC is actually too small or too big for the house. In order to make sure, the heating and cooling contractor must conduct a scientific load calculation, or an HVAC load calculation, that accounts for several factors that affect home cooling. Be wary of contractors that make assumptions based on a rule of thumb. This may not be able to provide the level of comfort and performance that you are hoping for.

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8. HVAC Company Name Recognition

Contractors that consistently do good work for their clients will earn the respect of their community. You will always hear their name being mentioned when people are looking for HVAC contractors for repair, maintenance, or installation. Usually, the longest-serving contractors in the area will have the best reputation. Their longevity is a testament to the excellent management of their business and the continued trust of their clients.


9. Factory-Authorized

Air conditioner manufacturers have programs that identify excellent contractors in different areas. These are evaluated based on their company background, insurance status, satisfaction surveys, and training results. Those that pass are given the authorization to install their systems. If you have your eyes set on a certain brand, then look for their preferred air conditioner contractor in your area. You might even get perks like extended warranties and satisfaction guarantees if you do this.

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10. HVAC Solutions Offered

Write down a list of things that you would like to improve after your experiences with the old air conditioner. For example, maybe that one was too noisy, always leaky, prone to break downs, or barely able to cool down the house. Tell the HVAC technician about these and listen to their suggested solutions. You will learn a lot about their levels of competence, experience, and empathy by the way that they handle these issues.

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It is tempting to go for the lowest bid but this could cost you more in the end due to faulty installation. Avoid HVAC contractors that cut corners as well as hiring an amateur handyman. Avoid expensive repairs in the future. Do it right from the start by choosing an expert HVAC installer with the right credentials and the best reputation.

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