Typical Air Conditioning Problems & Solutions

air conditioner repairSummer is looming right around the corner. As such, many property owners are getting their AC systems ready for the hottest time of the year. However, these same individuals should also be getting ready for the things that they’re likely to encounter throughout the hot season. At the least, they should familiarize themselves with the most common cooling system issues and solutions. Knowing these things will allow homeowners to resolve their AC problems effectively and fast.

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This article will provide several examples of the top signs and symptoms that homeowners are likely to encounter.

1. Your A/C Won’t Turn On

One sign that your air conditioner is having problems is a complete failure to turn on, which means you’re left at the mercy of the hot sun. It’s essential to learn exactly why this is happening so that you can determine the correct response.

The power connection is the very first thing to check in this instance. It might be that the plug has come loose, the wires are frayed or otherwise damaged, or the circuit breaker has shut off. If the power light is on, you should take a look at the thermostats. It could be that the batteries have died and need a replacement. Another thing to double check is the system settings. Once you’ve taken these initial steps, if nothing changes, go ahead and call a reputable HVAC service to get help.

2. Your Air Conditioner Is Providing Insufficient Cooling

broken air conditionerThere may come a time when your A/C is producing cool air, but not at an acceptable rate or level. When this happens during the peak of summer, you and all other household residents could find yourself sweating and uncomfortable while indoors. This issue often occurs when the air filter is incredibly dirty or clogged, given that a dirty filter surface will make it difficult for air to pass through. The settings on your thermostat could also be wrong. If so, then you simply need to set a cooler temperature and wait to see what occurs. Other possible causes include refrigerant leaks and poor perimeter air circulation. Contact an HVAC expert as this professional will know exactly what to do.

3. Some Parts Of The Home Are Cool But Others Aren’t

With central air conditioning, your home should be evenly cooled. There are, however, times when one room starts to feel far colder than all others. Many things can result in uneven cooling like blocked registers, insufficient insulation, and duct leaks. Technicians might need to clean the entire system, locate and repair any leaks, and eliminate all blockages. They can additionally identify areas with insufficient insulation and provide feasible solutions.

4. The Cooling Unit Has Condensation

Condensation starts to form whenever humid air comes close to the cool coils. Moisture starts accumulating until the beads of water begin to fall. Drainage systems are supposed to prevent this, but a clog can prevent the water from exiting properly. This can overflow and create a mess on the floors. Routine cleaning and maintenance can keep this from happening. HVAC technicians can perform maintenance annually, including this particular task. Make sure to contact your HVAC provider to set up your yearly AC maintenance and tune-up.

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5. Your Cooling System Is Making Loud Noises

loud HVAC systemGetting a good night’s sleep can be downright difficult when your AC system starts making loud noises. Your air conditioner might have a bad bearing or a faulty belt if this equipment has recently started making screeching sounds. Lubricant can help minimize friction and it may even reduce the noise. This is an issue that’s hard to fix on your own, so be sure to contact a trusted HVAC service when it arises. They’ll know the exact cause of the issue and can offer the most effective solutions.

6. Your Home Energy Bill Is Rising At An Alarming Pace

With the regular operation, air conditioners have a reputation for using an extraordinary amount of energy. Having a highly efficient model installed will instantly moderate your home energy consumption.

Aging systems, however, are also known to lose efficiency as time passes due to refrigerant leaks and ongoing wear and tear. If your energy costs suddenly skyrocket, then you may want to have your system inspected by a seasoned HVAC professional.

Licensed HVAC companies have dealt with these problems numerous times throughout the years. They can identify the underlying causes and can implement the proper solutions right away. Make sure to call one of these entities as soon as you suspect HVAC troubles.

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