Best Ways To Prepare Your HVAC System For Spring

Updated: 03/24/24

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Since summer is approaching quickly, this would be an ideal time to schedule maintenance of the HVAC system in your home.

During the summer, you will probably use the air conditioner a lot. That means your HVAC system needs to be ready to cope with dander, pollen, and other pollutants in the air. It is best to schedule maintenance procedures, such as an AC Tune-Up Camden County NJ, in spring to have your HVAC system performing optimally during the warm summer months.

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AC Tune-Up Camden County NJ: How To Prepare Your HVAC System For Spring

Here you will find great tips that will help keep your HVAC system performing correctly in spring and throughout the year.

Use Top Quality Air Filters In Your HVAC System

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Your air filter is an essential factor in preventing dirty air in your home. If the air filter is clogged, this will increase the level of pollutants in the air inside your house. You will get cleaner air in your home if you use high-quality filters in your system, mainly if you purchase pleated air filters that have an electrostatic charge. This type of air filter can grab very tiny particles out of the air. This aspect will ensure that the air circulating in your home is clean and free of bacteria.

Also, when you have a clean air filter, you will reduce your energy bills. An HVAC system has to work very hard and use more energy if the filters are clogged. By using a clean filter, you will pay less for the power to run your HVAC system.

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Check The Filter On Your HVAC System Monthly

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The standard rule for HVAC systems is that you can go 90 days before changing your air filter. However, that is a general rule and does not apply to all homes. Homes that are located in a dusty area, have pets, or other factors will need to change their filter more frequently.

By checking it every month, you will ensure that the air in your home is clean. Using the HVAC system a lot can cause the filters to become clogged, which means that you should change the filters when they are dirty.

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Clean Up Debris Near Your Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

During winter months, the area around an AC unit and heat pump can become cluttered with branches and leaves, as well as other types of debris. If you want to ensure your HVAC system works efficiently, be sure to clean up the area near these units.

Keeping the area clean will also keep the inside of the AC units and pumps free of accumulating debris, such as insects and more. Be sure to clear at least two feet around the units. This will also help when technicians need access to do their maintenance.

A Programmable Thermostat Will Save You Money On Energy Bills

If you want to customize the air temperature within your home, you will find it helpful to install a programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat can help you save on energy costs because you can set it to change at various times during the day, or depending on whether anyone is at home. The cost of a programmable thermostat is recovered in a few short months due to savings on energy costs.

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Contact An HVAC Professional To Carry Out An Air Conditioner Tune-Up

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Regular air conditioner maintenance ensures that small problems don’t turn into major issues and will help your lower energy bills. A yearly AC tune-up will also keep the air in your home cleaner and healthier. This aspect is particularly important if any members of your family have a sensitivity to pollen, dirt, or air pollution.

During an AC Tune-Up Camden County NJ, an HVAC professional will also inspect your ducts to be sure you don’t have cracks or gaps in the ductwork. A licensed HVAC technician will check that the units are working properly and will check for any electrical wires that may be exposed. They can also test and inspect the capacitors. The technician will clean out the system and lubricate moving parts. These tasks help to make your system work properly and safely. It will help your family feel comfortable in the home even when outside temperatures climb.

Proper maintenance by the homeowner helps to ensure the efficiency of the HVAC system. However, you still need to have the system maintained by professionals because some of the repairs and maintenance can only be carried out by a trained technician. A spring AC tune-up done by a professional HVAC contractor will ensure that the air within your home is clean and free of bacteria.

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In Conclusion

Get your home ready for the coming spring and summer months by ensuring that the HVAC system is working correctly. Call an HVAC professional today to arrange for system maintenance, such as an AC Tune-Up Camden County NJ. To service your air conditioner in Camden County, NJ, call McAllister Energy and schedule a maintenance appointment.

The technicians at McAllister Energy know how to get your air conditioner running efficiently while ensuring the environment in your home is comfortable. Your air conditioning costs will be lower by using our AC maintenance services.

Each technician works from a thorough checklist to ensure that your air conditioner is working efficiently in the summer. We offer affordable HVAC services, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call McAllister Energy now for an appointment.

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