how much does it cost to install a new oil boiler?

oil boiler installation hilltop nj

Energy Kinetics Oil Fired Boiler Heating System Installation in Hilltop New Jersey

June 7, 2019

The Rauer family was without heat and was in need of an immediate solution to the problem in their Hilltop, NJ home. McAllister Energy’s experienced technician, Rich, quickly responded to the family’s call and investigated the problem further. He quickly found their Peerless boiler to be far past its lifespan. After discussing their options, the…

Pennsauken Energy Kinetics Installation Case Study

Energy Kinetics Accel CS Modulating Boiler Installation in Pennsauken, New Jersey

June 7, 2019

The Jackson’s Pennsauken, NJ home was not as comfortable as they were used to and could tell something was wrong. Their boiler was over 35 years old which is far past the lifespan of most boilers. Most experts recommend replacing your boiler every 10-15 years. McAllister’s service tech, Rich, identified a cracked heat exchanger in…