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Heating Installation & Replacement

We all know how cold the New Jersey winters can get, make sure you and your family are nice and warm even in the coldest temperatures by contacting McAllister Energy today for heating system installation and replacement services!

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South Jersey Heating Installation Services

When you choose McAllister Energy, you know you’re getting the very best. Our team members are experts in a wide variety of air conditioning services.

The Benefits of Heating Installation with McAllister Energy

Besides getting a reliable solution to your Pennsauken home’s heating needs, choosing McAllister Energy for your next home heating installation will also guarantee you:

  • Improved energy efficiency. As new technology is developed, our Carrier heating systems get more and more efficient.
  • Improved air quality. Installing a new heating system can improve the air quality in your home.
  • Better heating and comfort control. A newly installed heating system provides the optimal level of comfort for your home and has all of the power needed to keep your home exactly the temperature you want it.
  • Less frequent repairs. With a new system, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs to keep your heater running at a minimum capacity. Especially if you enroll in our maintenance services to make sure you don’t have any problems down the road!

Once the cold temperatures of the winter set in, you’ll need a reliable heat system to keep you and your family warm. At McAllister Energy, our NATE-certified service team has been helping homeowners in South Jersey for over a century! We’ll make sure that your home’s heating system is operating at 100%!

Heating System Installation in Pennsauken, NJ

If you keep up with maintenance, a furnace may last you over twenty years. When you do need to replace, it’s not the end of the world. When furnaces begin to age, they lose efficiency and will increase your utility bills. When you install a new heater, you’ll instantly see a decrease in utility bills. Some Pennsauken homeowners get a furnace replacement just for the decrease in utility costs!

If you want to improve your air quality, lower your utility bills, and have a more comfortable home, call McAllister Energy today! Our experts will help you find a solution that’s best for your home, and one that fits in your budget!

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Heating System

When your heater stops functioning, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you suspect your heater may be on its last leg, start searching for a replacement immediately. Before committing to any one kind of heater, be sure to do some research. Ideally, by starting your search before your current heater fails, you’ll be able to find a solution that will keep your costs at a minimum and keep your family comfortable.

Should I Replace My Heater Now or Later?

There are only three instances where it’s ok to replace your heating system finally stops working. First, is when your repair costs become greater than the value of the system. Second, is when your heater begins to seem unsafe. Finally, if your heater has not been properly maintained, its lifespan has undoubtedly been cut short. In addition, your utility bills will increase.

Whether you want to replace your current system or install the best possible system for your brand new home, McAllister Energy will help you find the best solution for you. We’re an authorized dealer of Carrier products, so we provide the best service, along with the best products. We use Carrier products because we want to make sure you get a system that will last you for a long time and will meet your needs!

Our knowledgeable service team will help you choose the system that fits your home best. Once a solution is agreed upon, our experts will do what they do best and install your system so it can start providing you with quality, worry-free heat!

When you combine our NATE certified team with Carrier products, you’ll be receiving the best all-around service in the area. No matter what your situation, McAllister Energy can help!

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