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Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Heat pumps are one of the best solutions for home heating and cooling you can have installed in your home.

Just like your car needs regular maintenance, your home's heat pump is no different. By having your heat pump maintained on a regular basis, you ensure that it runs at its highest level of efficiency and you help to minimize unforeseen breakdowns.

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South Jersey Heat Pump Maintenance

At McAllister Energy, our certified HVAC experts will bring you the very best service in Southern New Jersey. Our team treats every project like they’re working their own home!

The Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

There are many benefits to having routine maintenance performed on your system including:

  • Improved, lasting energy-efficiency. Routine maintenance performed by a professional will ensure you always have the comfort you’re used to with the added benefit of lower monthly heating costs.
  • Increased system lifespans. A properly cared for heat pump will last you about 10-15 years. Without proper maintenance, your system may not last you quite as long.
  • Less frequent and less costly repairs. Many of the common problems heating systems have can be prevented by regular maintenance. Our experts perform a comprehensive check on your system to make sure you won’t have any future problems.
  • Better home air quality. One of the biggest benefits of having a heat pump as your primary heat source is it acts as an air purifier. Routine maintenance will ensure that pollen and dust aren’t interfering with the internal components within your heat pump system.

At McAllister Energy, our NATE certified specialists will make sure your system is working year round! Contact us for more information about heat pump maintenance!

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Heat Pump Maintenance Services

You may be asking yourself, why do I need to have my system undergo routine maintenance?

You home's heat pump is an unsung hero. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long. Its sole purpose is to make sure your home is comfortable, regardless of the outside conditions.

To make sure your system can handle these stresses, an annual checkup is the very least you can do!

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The McAllister Energy Difference

Maintenance isn’t effective when it’s only performed once or twice. Only routine maintenance will ensure your system is always operating at its full capacity.

McAllister Energy offers maintenance plans to our South Jerseycustomers that are built to satisfy any of your needs!

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Make sure your family is never going to be cold in the winter or overheating in the summer! Heat pumps are very effective at keeping your home comfortable no matter what the temperature is! With McAllister Energy, you’re getting the very best service for your home!

Living in South Jersey, we all know how volatile the weather can be. Let the experts at McAllister Energy take care of your heating system! Contact us for more information today!

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