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Boiler Repair Service

Although a lot of problems can be avoided with routine boiler maintenance, there are still problems that need immediate attention and repair. Boilers are very complex systems that require an experienced professional to assess and diagnose the problem. This maximizes the safety for both your system and your family.

The licensed boiler professionals at McAllister Energy have years of experience dealing with boiler issues and repairs. For the best service in South New Jersey, choose McAllister Energy.

South Jersey Boiler Heater Repair Services

McAllister Energy offers comprehensive boiler heater repair and maintenance services for residents throughout Southern New Jersey.

The Benefits of Professional Boiler Repair

Some of the many benefits of contacting McAllister Energy for boiler repair include:

  • Safety. A boiler with internal problems compromises both your comfort and safety. A qualified professional can help put your mind at ease by performing maintenance on your system.
  • The big picture. At McAllister Energy, we believe in preventative maintenance. Our technicians will look out for anything that may cause you future problems.
  • Warranty validation. To ensure your warranty is valid, all repairs should be made by a licensed professional.
  • Lifespan. Repairs allow your system to not have to rely on faulty parts to do its job. This ensures your system will last a long time!
  • Efficiency. Higher efficiency means lower monthly energy bills!

Boiler Repair Services

Being such a complex piece of equipment, there are a variety of common boiler problems that require a professional’s attention. It’s very important to contact a boiler expert as soon as you notice something wrong. Not addressing minor issues could lead to much larger ones down the road. McAllister Energy’s team will begin by evaluating the different components of your system and tracking down exactly where the problem is. Once our technicians have found the problem, they’ll discuss it with you and perform the repair in a quick and effective manner, ensuring your family never goes without comfort.

We combine the very best service with top of the line products from Weil-McLain and Bosch Greenstar and Buderus. With McAllister Energy, your boiler system will always be operating at 100%.

Common Warning Signs That You Need Boiler Repair

If you’re noticing any of these signs with your boiler, give the experienced team at McAllister Energy a call as soon as possible.

  • Unusual noises. Loud mechanical noises that seem unusual are one of the most obvious signs your boiler needs repair.
  • Strange odors. Your boiler should not be emitting any sort of smell. If you notice one coming from your boiler, you may need to contact professionals. A metallic odor could indicate an oil leak. If you notice a smell resembling sulfur or rotten eggs, indicates a gas leak. These can be very hazardous to your health.
  • Water leaks. A puddle of water surrounding your boiler could lead to property damage as well as your boiler.
  • Delayed, inconsistent, or inadequate heat. If you’re noticing a delay or frequent cycling in your unit, it may be in your best interest to get your system looked at by a professional.
  • Visible corrosion. If there are any signs of rust or corrosion on your boiler unit, it requires immediate attention.

We’ve provided the residents of Pennsauken with the absolute best service since 1876. Call us or contact us online for more information about boiler repair today!

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