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Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement

At McAllister Energy, we know that having a reliable air conditioner isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity! Our air conditioning experts will make sure your home is cool and comfortable all summer long!

Contact us for all of your commercial and residential cooling needs.

South Jersey Air Conditioning Installation & Upgrade Services

When you choose McAllister Energy, you know you’re getting the very best. Our team members are experts in a wide variety of air conditioning services.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Installation in South Jersey

Installing a new air conditioning unit in your South Jersey home will provide you with:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Years of reliability
  • Better comfort
  • A quieter home
  • Improved air quality
  • Less repairs

Contact our offices for a free, in-home air conditioning system assessment. Our home comfort technicians will determine the best AC upgrade options for your home or office, working within your budget. With advances in today's technology, a new central AC system will offer many cost savings due to improved efficiency.

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Air Conditioning System Installation Services

If you think it may be time to replace your current air conditioning unit in your South Jersey home, McAllister Energy your best bet! Being an authorized dealer in Carrier products means we can accurately measure and install a new AC unit that will keep you comfortable no matter what! And with our total satisfaction guarantee, you know we’ll get the job done right the first time!

At McAllister Energy, one of the main pillars we’ve built our company on is service. Our experienced service team will make sure your new air conditioner feels like it was specially made just for your home!

Need a new air conditioning unit? We offer the best service and installation in the region! Call us at (856) 665-4545, or for more information, contact us online!

Choosing the Right AC System for Your South Jersey Home

Investing in a new air conditioner for your Pennsauken home can be a fairly large investment, so you need someone who knows what’s right for you. It may be tempting to think that bigger is better, but in the case of air conditioners, you want something that will fit your home exactly.

Installing a unit larger than what you need means higher prices and installation costs. They also aren’t energy-efficient and will waste energy, raising your utility bills. Other problems include a shorter cooling cycle, which means they cannot dehumidify the air, making your home cold and clammy. At McAllister Energy, we care about your needs. We’ll make sure you get an air conditioner, mini-split system, or heat pump that fits your home correctly with a Manual J load calculation.

Our service team will complete accurate load calculations and give you recommendations so you know you’re investing in an air conditioner that will be energy-efficient and perfect for your home. Our cooling solutions include air conditioners, mini-split systems, and heat pumps. We’ve talked a lot about energy-efficient systems, but how can you tell just how effective a system is? An air conditioner’s efficiency is determined by the SEER rating scale. The scale ranges from 8 to 23, higher meaning more efficient. Installing a new AC unit may be an initially large investment, but over time, the lower cost of operating the unit will make up for it. Certain purchases can get you qualified for discounts, incentives, and energy-efficient rebates. When you choose McAllister Energy for your next AC installation, you’ll get a free consultation in which we’ll assess your needs, and make recommendations based on our years of experience.

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